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Name:"Mogget" will do, for now.
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abhorsens past & present, astarael, being fed often, being free, being sly, being well-informed, belgaer, bells, birds, books, charter mages, charter marks, charter sendings, charter spells, charter stones, chlorr no-face, chlorr of the mask, choosing my own path, clariel, comment-sniping, creative truth-telling, dead hands, death, dyrim, fish, food, free magic, getting carried, giving criticism, good grooming, greater dead, instructing others, keeping myself clean, kibeth, knowing things others don't, libraries, life, lirael, loopholes, magic, mice, milk, mockery, mordicants, mosrael, music, necromancy, nicholas sayre, not being bound, not cat food, not feather-coins, not giving straight answers, not really ancelstierre, not the disreputable dog, observing the idiots, prince sameth somewhat, ranna, reading, regular meals, remembrancers, revenge, sabriel, saraneth, sarcasm, sardines, schadenfreude, singing, sleeping, snarking at people, the abhorsen, the charter, the clayr, the destroyer, the nine bright shiners, the old kingdom, the royal line, the wall, touchstone, verbal abuse, wallmakers, wallmakers' inventions, whistling
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